Wedding Car Hire - Package Deals and Offers

Northwest UK, covering Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside

Getting Married? - want us to help you save some money?
- at the same time provide you with a great service!

Our business is split into three sections under Headline Wedding Servcies -

Wedding Supercar Hire, Wedding Lighting Hire and Wedding DJ Hire

With this in mind we can offer each service independently or as a package deal.
Any of the three can be combined to form one of 7 packages.

1) Supercar Hire
2) Supercar Hire with Wedding Lighting
3) Supercar Hire with Wedding DJ
4) Supercar Hire with Wedding DJ and Wedding Lighting
5) Wedding Lighting Hire
6) Wedding DJ Hire
7) Wedding DJ and Wedding Lighting Hire


As stand alone packages we have our basic rates but as part of any combined package
you can make substantial savings, Example Saving: up to £200 with package 4

Whats more you then have 3 services with one provider, saving you time and worry.

Wedding vendors click here for excellent rates when pre-booking Packages.

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