Aston Martin V12 GT Groom & Best Man Car

Northwest UK, covering Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside

The Aston Martin DB7 has been awarded the title of "The worlds most beautifully designed car" for many years.
So what did Aston Martin do? The answer is they took the old 6-cylinder engine out and replaced it with a V12!

Now you might think that's where it ended for the DB7, but you'd be wrong.

After 4 years of producing the DB7 Vantage V12 they went back to the workshop.

Their renewed efforts produced what is now the Aston Martin DB7 GT.

With more power than the V12 engined Vantage, 20% stiffer chassis, 50% reduction in high speed lift, they also fitted it with a twin-plate racing clutch, 14" brembo race derived brakes and lowered the car by 3mm.

The front subframe and steering rack were repositioned, rear wishbones and susupension were replaced and the car was fitted with an active sports exhaust system. The final drive ratio was moved from 3.77:1 to 4.09 for improved accelleration.
Add to the above the styling upgrades, vented bonnet, new front valance and a rear spoiler moulded into the boot lip and the DB7 was essentially reborn!

This firmly set the car amongst the Ferrari 5xx series but with much more class.

Aston Martin DB7 GT: Specifications

Engine: V12 60' All-Alloy, Quad Cam, Cosworth developed engine

Capacity: 6.0ltr

Power Output: 442PS

Torque: 555.89nm

Top Speed: 186mph+ (300kmh+)

0 - 62mph: less than 5 seconds

Wheel Size: 9J x 18 - 5-spoke alloy

Tyre Size: 265/30/18
Braking: 355mm vented race derived Brembo's

Seating: 2 + 2